Five Benefits of Regular Workout


There is always a difference between people who work out and those who don’t. If you work out regularly, you may not really realise the positive changes in you immediately. Eventually you will start notice the physical and mental difference which will transform your life.

However, there are still many who refuse to wake up the reality of the necessity to stay healthy. So, let’s put forth a strong case to convince them by listing five benefits of workouts when doing a twelve week transformation program

Stay Healthy Always

Like how an apple a day, keeps the doctor away – Similarly, exercising keeps diseases at bay. When you start exercising, you are building your body’s immunity system. Your body remains so active that you can always catch the symptoms if you are coming down with something. In fact, you feel so energetic that your productivity levels go up.

weight loss

Another benefit is that you become alert and focused on your health. If you spend some time to study certain workouts such as yoga or group training done with fitness programs such as you can eventually come up with exercises that help loosen up those tensed muscles or do specific workouts to help ease your body pain. Just make sure you are not too harsh on yourself while exercising.

No worries about weight

Weight Loss of course! When you do intensive exercises such as boot camp, your body fat is burning. You don’t have to worry about what you eat or think twice about gobbling up your favourite desserts. You can always churn out that excess calorie by doubling your exercises.

What’s important is that you subconsciously become careful about what you eat. Not only that you also stop compromising on your health by going on those insane diet plans that eventually affect your health.

Building your confidence

If you are disturbed or angry about something, walking off your steam can do wonders like calm you down. In fact, your tolerance levels increase and you become more patient because learning the art of doing your exercise perfectly takes time and patience.

Another great thing is once you start looking slim and fit, you gain confidence and start feeling good about yourself. Your confidence reflects in your attitude and you can see the difference in other people’s eyes.

Exercise such as boot camp teach you to push yourself. It is lesson that you slowly start implementing in your daily life. Eventually, you will start pushing yourself to do better, will refuse to give up a difficult task and put in your 200% to achieve your targets.

Work outs are fun sessions

The best thing about workouts is that there are so many different types like Tai Chi, power yoga, boot camp and the list goes on. So, if you want a change in the routine, you can always create your own unique workout plan with different exercises.

What’s more, you can join workout groups or learn a specific type of exercise such as martial arts or boot camp work out to influence your work out sessions. You are not only investing on something new but are also improving the flexibility of your body.

See the change in lifestyle

Once you decide not to compromise on your workout routine, you will automatically change your lifestyle for the better. In a little while, you will not hesitate to skip a party if it affects your daily cycle or learn to tell no to late night outs.

Your life will unravel smoothly once you realise that in the long term, staying healthy is more important than the momentary rush of going crazy at a party.

Seven Best Boot Camp Workouts


Are you interested in participating in a marathon? Do you want to burn up more calories by doing something more other than hitting the gym? Then trying out boot camp exercises is the answer. Boot camp workouts are fast, intensive and rigorous.

If you want to try out these vigorous workouts, then you can start seven boot camp exercises. But, before you start your exercises, do warm exercises so that you don’t strain your muscles. Also, ensure you drink enough water to keep hydrated.

Push Ups

First, lie flat on the ground after which bend and place your arms on parallel to your shoulders. Then, push up and ensure that your upper body is parallel to the ground. Another important factor to keep in mind is that while you push up, your toes must be touching the ground. Begin this workout with 10 push ups and then keep increasing as your stamina increases.

Squat Jumps 

As the name goes, you have to first squat and ensure that your thighs. Keep your hands straight and ensure it is parallel to the ground. When you jump, push your body high in the air and put your hands down. This work out strengthens your calf muscles as well as gives a firm tone to your butt.

Squat Kick Outs

As the name suggests, you spread your legs and squat in such a way that your thighs are parallel to the ground. Push your butt out like as if you are sitting on a chair. Next, clasp your hands. Then, put your body weigh on your left leg and kick out your right leg. Remember, it should be straight and then come back to the starting position. Now, change sides so that you kick out your left leg by putting your body weight on your right led. This exercise helps in reducing the bulging bellies.

Leg Outs

This is another belly fat reducing exercise. First, lie on your back and lift your lower body. While your thighs will give your back the balance, your legs must be suspended in the air. Next, push your legs out so that it hovers above the ground. Keep your hand behind your head during this workout. Practice this boot camp exercise at least 10 times.

Jack Knives

First, stand straight with your legs apart. Then, slowly squat like as if you are sitting on a chair and spread out your hands. Next, you touch your hand to ground while maintaining your squat position. Slowly, put your right left out and then your left leg. All your weight will be on your hands and toes as you reach the plank position. Then, do at least five push up without touching the ground. If you find it difficult, bend your knees and then do the push up. Once you finish the push ups, slowly come back to the starting position.

Walking Lunges

First, stand straight with your feet apart and your hands on your waist. Then, with your right leg take a big step forward. Slowly, bend your left leg so that it hovers over the ground. Stay in that position for a few seconds and then return to your standing position. Do the same exercise but this time keep your left leg out and bend your right leg.

Ball Squats

This is a simple boot camp exercise. Spread your feet apart and hold the ball between your hands in front of your hips. Slowly bend and squat, keeping the balance between the ball in your hands and your feet. Slowly come to the starting position.

Why Fitness and health are gaining importance as common concerns?


Fitness trainers from European Personal Training Institute are very much in demand since people are seeking specialized individual sessions for fitness and training. There is a clear concern for ensuring that health problems are under control or even avoided all together. This is probably due to the rising number of health problems due to a faulty lifestyle such as poor nutrition, smoking, alcohol intake and long working hours. Many of the effects of a faulty lifestyle can be minimized with regular exercise and a healthy diet.

For those who are not sure fitness training is for them, they can always get some trial sessions for free. In these trial sessions clients can participate in a complete session, which provides a fair idea of what to expect from the fitness training. Additionally they can even participate in the group sessions or the general training. Based on these varied experiences clients can determine what type of fitness training suits them. Most people prefer working out with fitness trainer who has his fitness instructor certifications as these are experts in their field with a rich experience of handling different cases.

Personal Trainers have to undergo several months of intensive theory and practical assessments before they can qualify to handle clients and provide private fitness training. The intensive assessment and training they receive is on par with years of experience. The trainers are extremely confident and can pace up or slow down the workout based on the client’s stamina and health goals. The flexibility that this gives to a workout ensures that people stick to their exercise regimes with ease and interest.

Moreover fitness training includes highly structured and specialized fitness training to cater to the specific needs of the client. Therefore at the start of a fitness program, clients usually have to undergo a detailed medical and fitness assessment with fitness trainer. This is a very crucial part of the fitness training that also makes it far better than any other fitness programs. Furthermore the trainers also work in consultation with nutritionists to provide each client with a sample of a weekly food plan. The food plan is carefully derived based on the client’s age, gender, occupation, health issues and goals, amongst other factors. These two factors are the unique elements of fitness training, which give it an edge compared to other players in the market.

Most importantly a personal trainer is like a guide or a coach, motivating the client to perform better and stick to their schedule. In fitness, consistency plays a vital role in ensuring that the workout is beneficial. Thus personal trainers can make your workout successful and sustainable.

12 Week Body Transformation – Dos and Don’ts


The fantastic Venus 12 week body transformation programme is an effective and comprehensive fitness programme that has been especially designed for you keeping in mind your customized nutrition plan and your present fitness level.
The 12 week body transformation programme entails a number of comprehensive and effective body workouts accompanied by numerous high-intensity cardio workouts for muscle toning and fat burning.
In addition to this every 12 week body transformation programme offers personalised and specially formulated diet plan for you according to your height, weight, age, present fitness levels and current activity. To get started with this program sign up on

eating once a day to lose weight
Don’ts to Avoid Failure
• Don’t consume junk food. You must stay away from carbonated or alcoholic drinks. It is a good idea to avoid outside food and have home-made food instead. Do not think of non-authorised food items and be determined not to give in to any kind of temptation. You must have a strong will power to achieve your target by sticking strictly to the diet programme.
• Don’t eat only one meal every day as you would end up not losing any weight.
• Don’t look for excuses for missing the outdoor fitness classes.
• Don’t ever lose your dedication, passion or determination. Stay committed to the cause and achieve your fitness targets no matter what.
• Don’t indulge in late nights and boozing. It is best to go to bed early so that you are able to get enough sleep and adequate rest. Focus on relaxing and rejuvenating. You should wake up fully refreshed and invigorated to face the challenging task the next day.
• Don’t roam about with or interact with people who are negative and not inspiring. You must be in touch with people who are supportive and encouraging. Connect with people who inspire and motivate you to achieve your body transformation goals. Stay away from people who discourage and demoralize you.
Dos for Achieving Your Goals
• You must be dedicated and determined to achieve success. You must always attend the outdoor sessions. You have complete and unrestricted access to outdoor sessions in all locations, six days every week across Sydney.
• Always follow the customized nutrition plan which prescribes eating once a day to lose weight. The personalised nutrition programme has been especially designed for you by a professional nutritionist taking into consideration your specific requirements. You must always eat right and follow all the dictates of the nutrition plan. Consume only those food items that would help you gain energy to withstand the strenuous and difficult challenge. You need to stay clear of junk food and choose healthy alternatives. Stick to natural foods and drink plenty of fluids and water and remain hydrated at all times.
• You must be in touch with your trainer or body transformation coach via emails or by attending weekly nutrition assessments. This is best for staying motivated and accountable.
• It is a good idea to join the Facebook body transformation group. This is a closed group consisting of like-minded people. You could communicate and interact with people who have similar issues. This could be really motivating and inspiring.
• If there are times when you cannot go for outdoor fitness sessions, you must make it a point to browse through the online library. It is a good idea to explore the extensive library and identify some high intensity exercises that you could try out on your own at home.
• You must be determined and focussed. You must put in your 100 per cent hard work and dedication to come out victorious in the 12 week body transformation programme. Include cross training, BoxFit, warrior workouts and Yoga. Perseverance and patience would result in positive outcomes in the 12 week body transformation programme


How Can a Personal Trainer in Australia Help You?


Exercise is the key to good health. In order to achieve the ideal height and weight balance it is important to not only follow a balanced diet but also to exercise frequently. You can either choose to go for regular runs and walks or join a bootcamp. Gyms are also a great place to exercise.

In all though, the benefits of hiring a personal trainer in Australia are several. Many people today choose to hire personal trainers to help them achieve their fitness goals. Read on to know how a personal trainer in Australia can help you.

Flexible timings

By hiring a personal trainer Australia you can opt to pick your own convenient time to exercise. Most working professionals find it hard to make time to pay a visit to the gym. The greatest feature of hiring your own trainer is the option of flexibility. This feature in fact motivates people to work out on a regular basis.

Customized work-outs

When you join a bootcamp or gym, you have to primarily perform the exercises that the trainer is teaching to others or use the existing equipment without any modification. In certain cases, to achieve fitness goals faster it is important to customize work-out schedules. Your own Australia personal trainer will do exactly that.

Trainers first assess the person’s physical capability and then decide what exercises would suit them best. Furthermore, they keep a constant watch of the person’s progress. If after a few weeks or months there is no evident progress the trainer will change the routine again.

Personal attention

Sometimes, in order to achieve your weight loss goals you will need the constant focus and attention of your trainer. One of the greatest advantages of hiring personal trainers in Australia lies in this. When a qualified trainer is regularly teaching you new exercises and constantly urging you to perform your routine, it will help you lose your excess weight and tone your body.

This undivided attention will help a person maintain long-term fitness goals too. Most celebrities choose to hire personal trainers as a result of this.

Motivation and advice

A personal trainer in Australia will not only focus on teaching you new exercises, he will also motivate you to perform your routine. Furthermore, the trainer will constantly share advice regarding health maintenance and diet tips to ensure overall progress.

Ensured results

By hiring a professional trainer, you are practically assured of results. In most cases, those who join gyms or bootcamps take more time to lose excess weight. That is because there is great lack of motivation and commitment.

If you have a professional trainer on your back all the time, it will ensure positive results and that too within a shorter period of time.

Quality training

The quality of the personal training you receive under the guidance of your own instructor will be far superior to any other. On the whole it definitely makes greater sense to opt for a personal trainer if you are impatient yet committed to losing excess weight.

Boot Camps in Melbourne – Characteristics of a Good Fitness Program


A boot camp is your best and only option if you really want to lose inches; tone your entire body; gain in strength and flaunt that gorgeous physique. This is because boot camp exercise routines are based on human physiology and follow the science of proper exercising. But do all boot camps follow the same standard and procedure required to make a difference to your health? With no dearth of options, you will have to select carefully if you want to join the right boot camps in Melbourne.

Select the right fitness programSelecting the right fitness program is vitally importance as it is directly linked to your health, happiness, wellbeing and quality of life. How fit you are will determine how well you can enjoy life or take advantages of its opportunities. And when join boot camps in Melbourne for the explicit reason of becoming fit and sustaining your health, you must check on five essential parameters.

High Intensity Training

If you want to boost your metabolic rate, shed kilos and increase stamina, you must join fitness boot camps in Melbourne that provide interval training. High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) is the process of performing different kind of exercises with varying intensity without any rest period.

So your entire workout session is all about moving seamlessly between more intense and low intense workouts. Interval training has been proven to be more effective for weight loss and strength gain than regular exercises.

Resistance Training

Also referred to as strength training or weight training, resistance training should be an integral part of all good boot camps in Melbourne. This type of training is absolutely essential to strengthen your muscles, improve bone density, make your ligaments and tendons more supple and enhance heart and lung functions. In short, resistance training increases the overall stamina of your entire body and also tones all the muscles perfectly.

Professional Guidance

Any boot camp in Melbourne worth its name should have a professional trainer to conduct the sessions. An excellent trainer can make your session more enjoyable, beneficial, safe and meaningful.

She will watch over your every move, demonstrate the correct way of performing different exercises, offer tips on diet and nutrition and explain how to remove stress and depression from your daily life. Your boot camp instructor is really like your friend and guide who will help you to identify and give shape to a fitness routine most suitable for your body type.

Motivating Ambience

One of the biggest reasons behind the soaring popularity of boot camps Melbourne is the continuous motivation and inspiration that you receiver from your trainer and fellow exercisers. Since the trainers are fitness enthusiasts themselves, their confidence and enthusiasm will urge you to push beyond your regular limits.

Also, participants in a boot camp are usually packed in groups and this togetherness creates a high level of energy and passion that affects everybody involved. You just cannot attend a boot camp and not participate actively in all the workouts.

Adaptable Programme

The boot camps in Melbourne you join must have adaptable programmes to suit your individual body type. You should not really have to pick and choose and carry the risk of injuring yourself. The camp instructor should already have a customized plan for members with different fitness levels. You should be able to join a group with similar goals and requirements.

Why Brighton Bootcamps are the Most Effective for Losing Weight


Fitness boot camps have recently emerged as a popular choice for those willing to shed extra weight and tone their body. But do boot camp sessions really work or is it just another passing fitness fad? Are these camps really effecting in helping people gain a healthier body that can be sustained for years? When it comes to your health and fitness, don’t take a blind chance. Know what makes Brighton bootcamps more effective when compared to other fitness routines and make an informed choice.

Mode of Training

Brighton fitness bootcamps focus on High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) which is considered as the best way to lose weight, burn calories and tone the entire body. Interval training is a proven technique for weight-loss that combines a series of low intensity and high intensity workouts with little or no rest in-between. Bootcamps Brighton offer a combination of resistance training, cardiovascular workouts and flexibility training as part of their HIIT circuits.

Variety and Motivation

Losing weight is an uphill task. Without dedication and regular attendance, you will never reach your fitness goal. This is where Brighton bootcamps can make all the difference to your plans. Unlike a gym where you just aimlessly repeat some preset movements, boot camp training brings in a whiff of fresh air and ideas to your workout routine.

Losing weight is an uphill task

At a Brighton bootcamp, you can look forward to performing different types of exercises like jogging, squats, lunges, burpees, planks, mountain climbing, chin-ups, lateral jumps, vertical jumps, torso rotation, butt kicks, short sprints and much more. With so much to do, there is no chance you getting bored or reaching stagnation.

Complete Body Workout

Only Brighton fitness bootcamps offer cardio training and resistance training; both of which are vital for your long-term fitness goals. Cardio workouts rev up your heart rate, blood circulation and metabolism. You feel more energized and capable of completing all your workouts without being out-of-breath after just a few simple moves.

Resistance training helps you to build more lean muscle mass and provides significant afterburn (i.e. a state where the body continues to burn stored fat even after the exercise session is over). Brighton bootcamps are therefore your best chance of shedding the pounds and managing your weight successfully.

Personal Supervision

The journey from being fatigued and flabby to fit and firm is arduous and fraught with danger. You can injure yourself, flounder midway, reach stagnation or quit halfway due to boredom. A Brighton bootcamp has experienced and certified trainers who will guide you; nurture you; encourage you and provide you with nutrition tips. In fact the secret to the success of boot camps lies in their comprehensive approach to fitness that takes care of each and every area that concerns your fitness.

Social Environment

If you have fitness issues and don’t want to socialize because of them, join a boot camp today and take charge of your life! At bootcamps Brighton you will find people in similar conditions or with worse fitness problems. And when you know that you are not alone, you feel more inspired and confident of achieving your goals. Friends will encourage you, your trainer will supervise your progress personally and you will learn how to return to healthy living slowly but surely.